The Coastal Plain League features the best baseball action summer has to offer. With college players from all over the country, the Coastal Plain League strives to provide each player with the preparation for what it takes to be a professional. Through the use of wooden bats (like those used in professional baseball) as opposed to aluminum, college players are able to adjust their game accordingly to hitting with or playing against what will be used at the next level. Coastal Plain League games, as well as the CPL All-Star Game and Championship Tournament provide a great opportunity for Major League Baseball scouts to evaluate players in the Coastal Plain League.

The Coastal Plain League has become a premier league, helping to aid players from all over the country in making their dreams realized by becoming professionals. Below is a list of Grizzlies alumni who have been drafted by Major League Baseball:

Name College Team Pick Grizzlies
Adam Godwin Troy Los Angeles (NL) R11, P346 2004
Andrew Crisp South Carolina Pittsburgh R36, P1083 2005
Anthony Bajoczky Duke Boston R34, P1041 2006
Bailey Clark Duke Chicago (NL) R5, P164 2014
Benji Johnson North Carolina Atlanta R17, P528 2005
Brandon Williams USC Upstate Pittsburgh R29, P860 2005
Brennan Morgan Kennesaw State Los Angeles (NL) R24, P726 2015
Bryce Beeler Memphis New York (NL) R19, P565. 2012, 2013
Bryson Bowman Western Carolina New York (AL) R33, P998 2014
Casey Scoggins Tampa Minnesota R39, P1173 2015
Chris Carrara Winthrop New York (AL) R30, P934 2005
Chris Gaskin Manhattan College Chicago (NL) R23, P696 2003, 2004
Chris Mason UNC Greensboro Tampa Bay R2, P56 2005
Clint Terry Lee Milwaukee R18, P542. 2012
Cody Stull Belmont Abbey Oakland R29. P882 2012
David Chester Pittsburgh Boston R33, P1012. 2009, 2010
David Rubinstein Appalachian State Pittsburgh R11, P324 2007
Derek Barrow Campbell San Francisco R30, P903 2002
Drew Wingo South Carolina Los Angeles (NL) R11, P344. 2008
Eddie Fallon USC Upstate Pittsburgh R43, P1285 2009
Eric Cloninger Liberty Boston R35, P1044 2002
Eric Valdez Indiana State Seattle R35, P1043 2009
Griffin Benedict Georgia Southern San Diego R16, P474 2008
Jacob Heyward Miami San Francisco R18, P545 2014
Jamaine Cotton Western Oklahoma State San Francisco R28, P837 2009
Jay Heafner Davidson Texas R23, P688 2004, 2005
Jaymie Russ (CPL All-Decade Team) Belmont Abbey Florida Free Agent 2002
Jeremy Hamilton Wright State Philadelphia R5, P166 2006
Jhiomar Veras Western Oklahoma State Florida R15, P463. 2010
John Hellweg Florida CC Los Angeles (AL) R16, P499 2008
Jonathan Clark Lee New York (NL) R17, P522. 2011
Jordan Edgerton UNC Pembroke Atlanta R9, P283. 2014
Josh Dowdy Appalachian State Baltimore R38, P1136 2006
Josh LeBlanc Southern Los Angeles (AL) R6, P173 2003
Justin Seager UNC Charlotte Seattle R12, P357. 2013
Kaleb Herren North Central Texas CC Milwaukee R44, P1328 2008
Kenny Smith Western Carolina Texas R20, P620 2005
Kris Hall Lee Oakland R8, P259. 2011
Mark Cohoon North Central Texas CC New York (NL) R12, P374 2008
Mark Schleicher Pfeiffer Tampa Bay R20, P578 2003
Matt Payne North Carolina State Pittsburgh R34, P1014 2006
Matt Teague Carson Newman San Diego R8, P267 2005, 2006
Michael Heesch USC-Beaufort Chicago (NL) R8, P254. 2011
Peter Levitt Mount Olive Chicago (NL) R32, P969. 2011
Quentin Davis Francis Marion Atlanta R13, P407 2004
Randolph Oduber Western Oklahoma State San Francisco R48, P1437 2009
Ross Oeder Wright State St. Louis R28, P862 2006
Ryan Pope Savannah College of Art & Design New York (AL) R3, P124 2006, 2007
Sam Freeman Kansas St. Louis R32, P965 2008
Scott Drucker Tennessee Oakland R13, P397 2002
Seth Grant Appalachain State Miami R26, P797. 2010
Steven Cook UNC Asheville Montreal R25, P744 2003
Travis Witherspoon Spartanburg Methodist Los Angeles (AL) R12, P381 2009
Tyler Beckwith Richmond Washington R17, P514 2013, 2014
Tyler Sexton Western Carolina Baltimore R31, P926 2005
Tyler White Western Carolina Houston R33, P977 2010, 2011
Vince Davis Southern Arizona R18, P536 2003
Zach Daly Lander Miami R37, P1103 2013, 2014
Zach Featherstone Tallahassee CC Minnesota R12, P363 2016