The Fans First Way

Always Be Caring, Different, Enthusiastic, Fun, Growing, and Hungry

Fans First Entertainment is in the Caring industry. We are always looking for selfless individuals who are driven by success. People who want to make a difference. The culture we currently have is dynamic… could you make it better?

It’s easy to say yes and maybe you can. But before committing, picture yourself there in our office. Music is playing loudly. The Mailman arrives and we help him carry the 50 packages of merchandise we’ve boxed up from online orders out to his truck. The Finance girl’s dog is running down the hall yipping. We’re picking on each other’s latest Fantasy football performance, like really picking on it, we don’t take that lightly so you have to have thick skin. The phone is ringing and before we can pick it up, a second line starts ringing as well. Someone’s in a costume because they lost a bet and have to post it on social media. Fans are walking through the office with one of our ticket staff members on the way to pick out their new seats for the upcoming season. The employees in the costumes try to act as normal as possible as the fans walk by. Our Servicing Director calls everyone together and reads a heartfelt thank you letter she received from a fan. 3 of the girls are crying from the emotional letter. Someone else showed up with their dog so now the dogs are chasing each other down the hallway. A sales guy comes in after getting a new sponsor for the team. Everyone cheers and high fives him because he got someone else to believe in us and join our family. Chaotic enough for you?


We’re one big loud, opinionated, passionate, hungry, unique, dysfunctional family. Our days are busy. We play hard and work hard. But that’s the way it is and we like it.

There aren’t 8th place medals at Fans First but we do find reasons to celebrate just about anything. We’re big believers in little surprises, cards, and public pats on the back. Not just from the leaders, but from everyone. You’ve got to be comfortable receiving compliments and you’ve got to be even better at dishing them out to others. Sure, it can be a little Rah-Rah. But again, that’s us. We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Take it or leave it.

So, the name itself – Fans First Entertainment. Our Mission is Fans First. Entertain Always. In other words, we take care of people and we make them happy while we do it. This theme is designed to be so simple that anyone – full time, part time, intern, etc. can understand it on their first day

What may not be so obvious to an outsider however, is who we consider a fan. To us, our staff family members are the company’s number one fans. We will do just about anything for each other. If you decide to move forward with trying to work with us, you’ll interview and get to know a number of the staff here. We want to make sure a few months down the road, we are confident in having your back and you’re confident in having ours.

Be honestly open to ongoing learning and development, mentorship, reading, webinars, constructive criticism.

cole and karson game day staff


  • Review culture information above and staff videos.
  • Truly evaluate if you are the correct fit with FFE. If you rolled your eyes at ANY of the Culture stuff, save yourself the future heartache of not loving your job and look elsewhere.
  • If you think you will be a good fit click here to apply (PDF)


  • Full time and interns will have multiple phone interviews, Skype conversations, and potentially in person interviews.
  • Game day staff – Big group interviews. Will potentially be called back for individual interviews.
  • If you move forward in the process, you will be asked to fill out what each word in the Fans First Way means to you.