Owner and President Jesse Cole delivers the State of Grizzlies

Watch the State of the Grizzlies here:

My fellow Gastonians,
Today in Gastonia, a child picked up a baseball glove for the first time. A father rushed home from work to have his first catch with his son and a grown man put on a yellow tuxedo for the thousandth time.

Sitting here today, I could not imagine a better marriage between baseball and entertainment. You see, I was that kid who waited in the driveway until my Dad got home to play catch in the backyard. It was the best part of my day. When I was a kid nothing was more fun than playing. However, I learned quickly that there was a difference between playing and watching.

Through this community and this team, I made it our goal to deliver the same fun for fans watching as I had playing. That’s where the entertainment came in! Nothing is better than having this platform to deliver FUN!

From dancing players, to toddler vs. turtle races, to families hitting each other with pies, your support has allowed us to be kids again, everyday of the year!

Your support has led us through tough 9 inning losses, thunderstorms and 95 degree days. Your support is why we are here.

Tonight, I speak with one voice to the people we represent: it is you, our citizens, who make the state of our Grizzlies strong.

Here are the results of your efforts: The highest total attendance in Grizzlies history; the highest level of national publicity, with over 48 million views of your team’s tuxedo uniforms; the largest amount of funds raised for local non-profits through the CaroMont Cares & Grizzlies FAM Program and now the largest Grizzlies workforce in team history.

Baseball is a great game and it’s even better at the college level. The players travel in from all over the country. They stay with host families and make Gastonia their home for the summer. They work hard and play hard every given night. Our players vow to deliver action packed baseball and we vow to deliver a great experience for them.

We have more we need to accomplish. Our mission is simple: Fans first, Entertain always. To stay true to this and constantly deliver, we need to continue to innovate and reinvent the fan experience.

You will see some things from the Grizzlies in 2015 you have never seen before. From unique tickets to outrageous promotions, we strive to deliver larger than life experiences.

We can be better. If our goal is to deliver the best possible fan experience, we can’t allow ourselves to make excuses. You deserve the best. Whether that is more interaction from players and staff, more GSM cooling towels, masseuses in the crowd, or even free late night cookies… We vow to deliver!

In Washington today, tax increases are being discussed at length. For our Gastonians, we will not participate in this debate. For our fans, we will keep it simple – No Taxes. No Taxes on food, no taxes on merchandise and no taxes or service charges or hidden fees for tickets. You deserve to come to our ballpark without paying extra fees. We strive to make this your vacation and the best vacations don’t have hidden costs!

2015 is about you, the fans, but it’s just the start.

A beautiful downtown stadium is on the horizon. A stadium that we hope to make the most unique in the world. A stadium with entertainment options for ?our? every kid and every senior who walks in the gate. A stadium that unites Gaston County and brings life and energy to downtown Gastonia.

With your support, this dream can be realized.
The Gaston County we want for our kids – a rising Gaston County where prosperity is widely shared and opportunity for all is within our reach.
We can make it happen. One child, father and yellow tuxedo man at a time.

God bless you, and God bless Gaston County!